Redwood Community Services, Inc.
Empowering Communities for Long-Term Success, since 1995.



Redwood Community Services, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was born from a dream that one day all foster youth would have a place to call home. That vision led the agency for over a decade and proudly remains a cornerstone of the dedicated work we do today. As those beloved children grew, so did our vision…and our realization that having a place to call home was so deeply rooted in having a healthy community in which that home could thrive. Always driven by the passion in our hearts for the people we serve, we continued to build programs and engage community. Today, over 20 years since it’s grassroots beginning, Redwood Community Services has 35 programs serving people across 3 counties and proudly employs over 350 local community members. We are proud to be community driven organization with a vision for a vibrant, healthy, compassionate community where people feel seen, heard, and valued.  

Reshape. Empower. Accept, and Lead. We are REAL. We are Love. We are RCS.

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Our Directors

Camille Schraeder
Chief Executive Officer

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Sarah Livingston
Crisis Director

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Victoria Kelly
RBS Director


Tawny Bailey
Lake County Director

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Dan Anderson
Chief Operations Officer

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Cathy Chandler
Quality Assurance Director

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Carmen Harris
TAY & Adult Services Director

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Lynn Sallee
Chief Financial Officer

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Bonnie Anderson
Clinical Director

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Pamela Lucas
Human Resources Director

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Our Managers

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Danielle Lower
Operations Manager

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Christina Offill
FSSP/LWMHC Program Manager

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Kristen Lawson
Employment Services Manager


Kate Napp
RBS Manager


Jolene Treadaway
Lake County Program Manager


Sage Wolf
Homelessness & Housing Manager

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Randy Anderson
RBS Clinical Manager