Residential Services

There are no unwanted children, just unfound families.
— Anonymous

Our community integrated group living programs serve foster youth in need of a higher level of care. Each program provides 24-hour staff supervision in a home-like atmosphere that enables development to integrate children into public schools and participate in community activities. The ultimate goal of our integrated group living programs is to enable youth to eventually return to a lower level of care with less intensive supervision, such as their natural home setting, a foster home, or transitional programs such as Stepping Stones.

In 2015, Redwood Community Services was included as a rural implementer of the Residential Based Services pilot- selected as 1 of 4 counties to participate. Lasting Integrated Family Environments (LIFE), formerly Residential Based Services, utilizes Mendocino House and Cam’s Place as well as the Family Visitation Center.

Cam’s Place | Specialized Residential Treatment Program

Cam’s Place accepts Mendocino County youth who are otherwise being referred for higher levels of care outside the county of origin. This program is committed to keeping these youth local and connected to positive community school resources and when applicable independent living skills programs. Youth receive intensive services within a short time frame (6-9 months) and then transition to a family-like setting where services continue. These youth attend local schools and efforts are made to keep them in the least restrictive school setting.

Mendocino County Children’s Center (MCCC) | Level 10

Opening in 2005, MCCC is a 30-day assessment center providing provide a safe environment for youth and their families in crisis to stabilize their behavior and anxiety as well as adjust to being away from family, foster family or previous placement. During the youth’s stay they receive intense therapeutic services and support and attend school in the community. At the completion of their stay, an appropriate safe placement recommendation is made which may include reunification with family, foster parent, or identification of what level of group care the youth could be successful in.

Treatment Foster Care-Oregon (TFCO)

Treatment Foster Care Oregon is a short-term, intensive treatment program working with youth ages 12-17. TFCO involves surrounding the youth with a highly supervised and structured environment that prevents the further development of antisocial behaviors and promotes the development of new social skills. TFCO can be utilized in lieu of residential or group home settings and provides the framework for stability that helps the youth to be successful at home, school and in the community.   The TFCO foster parent is a member of a professional team and receives a high level of support and training to ensure success of the youth and the program.


Redwood Community Services is committed to each youth’s need for placement in a permanent family. In 2014, we received our adoption licensure and have successfully finalized 8 adoptions. Our primary focus for the children, youth and families we serve through foster care, is reunifying the children with their family of origin, a relative or through kinship care. For whatever reason, when permanent placement is not possible with the child's family, a relative or family friend in their community, Redwood Community Services offers foster parents the opportunity to adopt the child or youth in their care.

Redwood Coast Regional Center (RCRC) Level III & Level IV Services

Services provide Regional Center consumers with a stable, consistent, qualified environment wherethey receive positive support for their strengths, and nurturing care for their needs. This program design assures on-going staff training and professional weekly contact with foster parents so that the needs of the children and youth in their care can be met in a nurturing family environment as the least restrictive way to meet their physical, mental, and emotional needs.