Skill Building and Empowerment Services

Redwood Community Services provides a number of different skill building and empowerment service programs designed to assist our clients with their ultimate success. From resource centers to employment services, Redwood Community Services is committed to providing our young adults with every tool for success as they transition to adulthood.

Arbor Youth Resource Center and the Harbor Youth Resource Center
The Arbor Youth Resource Center and The Harbor Youth Resource Center act as a resource facility for all youth in the community to access services- smoothing the transition to adulthood, while providing social, emotional, and physical supports and programs. Education Support Classes, Housing Mentorship, Well-being, Employment Workshops and other services are offered through these centers for any youth ages 15-24. These centers focus particularly on resources and services that promote opportunities to engage youth as partners and provide youth the opportunity to develop the real life skills necessary to succeed as citizens and workers.

CalWORKs Expanded Subsidized Employment (ESE)
The CalWORKs Expanded Subsidized Employment (ESE) program provides on-the-job training opportunities in job classifications throughout Redwood Community Services for recipients of CalWORKs referred by the County of Mendocino. Participants are employed with our agency for 3-6 months, receiving all mandatory employee trainings, position specific trainings, and hands on work experience while being supported by a site supervisor and Employment Specialist. With successful completion in the program and submission of an application for an open position, participants are considered for permanent employment. Many of our participants have become employed with Redwood Community Services and were able to transition out of the Cal- WORKs cash assistance program.

Teen Peer Court (TPC)
Mendocino County Teen Peer Court is a public-private partnership between The Arbor Youth Resource Center and Mendocino County Juvenile Probation. Teen Peer Court is an alternative approach to the transitional juvenile justice system.

The program offers student volunteers the leadership opportunity to take part in the court process of their peers who have committed a non-violent first offense. Under the supervision of a judge, youth volunteer defenders volunteers play a variety of roles in the judicial process, such a district attorney, public defenders and jurors. Youth courts are youth focused and youth driven and are designed and operated to empower youth.

Your Employment Success Story (YESS)
Your Employment Success Story is a job readiness program that assists individuals, ages 15 and up who are receiving outpatient mental health services. The YESS program provides individuals the opportunity to address work behaviors, and experience mock interviews and career exploration in a secure environment while building self- confidence. Participants receive job shadow- ing and work experience opportunities at lo- cal businesses, as well as RCS locations. Incentives are provided for participation.

Gang Resistance Intervention Program
GRIP is an age appropriate classroom curriculum that delivers information about gang culture and the many negative impacts that occur with gang behavior and attitudes. It encourages students to make the right choices about their social affiliations, and it provides tools for making good choices and re- sources for seeking outside help. The GRIP program is taught in 12 weekly lessons, delivered in the classroom by trained presenters throughout the county.