Transitional Housing Services 

Redwood Community Services’ Transitional Services continuum provides a supportive environment for youth to grow into adulthood and for adults to learn skills necessary to maximize their independence. With several programs available, we strive to meet the needs of our clients while supporting a positive independent lifestyle.


Transitional Housing Placement Program (THPP)
Redwood Community Services began offering housing opportunities to youth in foster care through THPP in 1997. This licensed program for youth 16-17 years old teaches independent living skills in a supported environment. Participants live in a host home with an adult who acts as a mentor. They receive a stipend to cover their basic costs of living and are assisted with developing a budget.

Transitional Housing Placement Program Plus (THP-Plus)
Youth who were in foster care on their 18th birthday are eligible to live in single or scattered site apartments or can be given a stipend to assist with rent costs in their own apartment.

Transitional Housing Placement Program Plus Foster Care (THPP-FC)
THPP-FC allows foster youth who reach age 18 to remain in foster care and receive foster care payment benefits as long as they meet eligibility requirements for AB12 extended foster care and participate in program’s expectations.

TAY Wellness
Youth are eligible by having a Full Service Partnership (FSP) approved by the county Mental Health Department. A FSP designates a client is eligible to access programs funded by the Mental Health Services Act due to a high level of need caused by their mental health diagnosis and need for extra support to keep them from hospitalization or jail. Participants live in a single site apartment complex owned by RCS. Serving young adults ages 18-24, the program partners with Behavioral Health Services to offer therapeutic support to assist participants learning to work with their mental health disorder and develop independent living skills.

Gibson House
Gibson House is a mental health supportive housing program with Stepping Stones staff on site 24/7. Gibson combines supervision and a therapeutic milieu with independent living and life skills training.

Haven House
Haven House is a 6-bed supported living environment for the Laura’s Law Assisted Outpatient Treatment program for adults with mental health diagnoses who require an additional level of supportive services with 24-hour staffing supporting residents with the least restricting setting possible.

Nurturing Education and Skills Training (NEST)
The NEST program is a long-term residential program that serves homeless pregnant and/or parenting youth ages 18-25. The services offered are designed to help young adults make a positive transition to self-sufficient living and successful parenting. Our goal is that young adults complete an individualized life skills program and acquire the tools and resources to live independently and raise their children in the community.

Whole Person Care (WPC)
WPC is designed to improve the well-being of Mendocino County residents experiencing mental illness, social isolation and/or poor health through enhanced interagency collaboration, Peer Support and Care Coordination, in collaboration with Behavioral Health Services and other care partners. A WPC enrollee may expect a Wellness Coach that can be a single point-of-contact, access to short-term & supportive housing, expedited access to Substance use treatment and direct access to navigation of and support of primary health care needs and Comprehensive Coordination of Care to meet specific needs.