Family Social Services 

Our goal is to strengthen families, and empower our community’s most vulnerable children by building a healthy and whole community, one child and one family at a time. We believe that through staff commitment and by providing a sense of community, we will assist our youth to develop healing relationships. Redwood Community Services strives to help our children gain power in their lives, believe in themselves, and ultimately trust others enough to give and receive love.

Redwood Community Services became the provider of Wraparound services for youth and families in Lake County in 2010. Wraparound is a dynamic process of planning, implementing, and coordinating services and support to improve the lives of youth and families with complex needs. The process is community based, culturally relevant, individualized, strength based, and family centered. It utilizes both informal and formal supports and community resources, and always includes a plan for stepdown and transition from formal services.

Family Wrap
In 2014, Redwood Community Services collaborated with Lake County to provide a Prevention and Early Intervention Program designed to provide a differential response model to Child Welfare and Probation families. This new program, Family Wrap, combined the philosophy and practice of Redwood Community Services’ accredited Wraparound program and created a short-term preventative model in order to reach youth and their families before things escalated and required county intervention. Employing a Family Systems approach, and building upon the ten principles of Wraparound, Family Wrap seeks to lessen identified risks by linking the family back into their community and natural support network while maximizing on the functional strengths of the family.

Emergency Support Staff (ESS)
Redwood Community Services provides immediate, in-person response to Mendocino County Family and Child Service detentions. ESS Workers assess children and youth for immediate needs and provide emergency supplies such as food, clothing and personal hygiene products. This service allows the County Social Worker the opportunity to gather information for investigation while the ESS Worker provides immediate attention to the child(ren). Supporting children and youth during this detention period ensures there is someone putting them first and offering comfort through a traumatic event.

Family Strengthening Services
Family Strengthening Services is a prevention and early intervention program utilizing evidence based practices that have been successful with high risk children, youth, and families. FSS uses low level, short term interventions that can increase family’s safety and skills while addressing ongoing familial challenges.